Site Planning & Landscape Design for Green Communities

Anaya’s words on Outdoor Design

Earth’s heartbeat is full. Her resonance is in us. It is in
Everything we feel, everything we touch, everything we are.

There is a deep connection between Earth’s heartbeat and
Our own. We can reach it, touch it and be her heartbeat.
We can stand in it.
We want to regenerate Earth’s heartbeat, for it is our own.
As we release apathy and become caring,
Earth’s heartbeat becomes stronger, as does our own.

When we live in harmony with Earth’s heartbeat and awaken
Caring, our lives exist at a higher level.
New doors open.
Aliveness expands.

As we establish harmony on our peronsal Land, it becomes
Our cherished sanctuary that
Ripples peace through our lives.


Anaya’s Watercolor on Rice Paper



Landscape Design For Green Communities

We are in an exciting time of transition and groups of people everywhere are seeking a new modality. Amitola Design Concepts helps conscious people create healthy, viable communities.

Amitola Design Concepts works with communities or groups of people who are interested in green designs or green retrofits, eco communities, spiritual, healing and retreat centers and eco, Leed. biophyillia, natural systems and Net-Zero projects. These may be new, planned or retro-fit projects. A few of our clients

Is your group longing for increased self-reliance and sustainability; or for lower, long-term costs and reduced ecological footprint? Why not have a community that is more humanized, abundant and energy efficient.

Green communities are great places to live, work, or visit. They feel like places of peace, retreat and connection. They tend to be healthy places on physical, mental and spiritual levels. They are far more sustainable.

Anaya believes that most communities could be infinitely more self reliant and reduce their ecological footprint at the same time. Why not have communities that work in synchronicity with nature and natural systems?

There are various types, sizes and degrees of Green Communities. They may be created in retrofit of an existing community or as a brand new community. They may be part of an urban center. They may be small communities nestled into natural settings; created for educational purposes or for retreat, sanctuary and healing.

Even simple Green Communities benefit from knowledgeable planning. Help avoid the costly “..never even thought about that” mistakes that so often pop up with no and/or
ad hoc and/or unskilled planning.

Plan with a professional. Anaya can help you. Qualifications

Anaya works with a variety of clients. She may work individually with clients but in Green Community projects of larger size and scope, may include other specialists within the team.

How would you feel if you knew that you tread lightly upon the Earth? What if you found you moved in harmony with nature? What if your community was flourishing and happy? What if you frequently tasted truly fresh food?

Site planning, natural systems, structure locations, pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows, privacy and community areas that make sense, energy flows, choices, least intrusion, growing areas, retrofit, natural systems, these are common parameters within Anaya’s work. Consultation prices

The number of projects per year are limited. Please fill out the questionnaire before contacting us.

We begin by listening to you……….


Questionnaire for Green Communities

We start by listening to you. Please fill out this questionnaire. And remember, there are no right or wrong answers, it's only what your community feels or thinks that is important.

Download a PDF version of this questionnaire.