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Residential Landscape Project Testimonials

“We have known Anaya since she was referred to us by Hugh Knowles, Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture, from the University of Alberta.  As a Landscape Architect, Hugh Knowles had designed our original landscape plan and he felt Anaya would be the perfect person to help us renew and create other plans around our home and our business, a commercial Seed Plant.We have been thrilled with the designs Anaya has done around our home.Whether sitting on our deck and looking out over the yard or from inside looking through the windows, it is a visual delight.  Effectively, her designs and our large windows have expanded our living area by making our outside landscaping part of our inside living enjoyment.We have always had an interest in native species and Anaya has incorporated natural grasses and plants into her designs.  Around our commercial Seed Plant, this is especially true and it also makes for very easy maintenance.Working with Anaya has been a very rewarding experience.  She takes our general ideas of what we would like in a particular area and then creates her design to blend it totally in with the rest of the yard.  We have enhanced several areas and the rewards have been terrific.  She has created something even we could not have envisioned.We would not hesitate to recommend Anaya to anyone interested in having a design to enhance the beauty of their outdoor spaces.  There is not a day that goes by that we do not enjoy and admire the effects Anaya has created.”

Dave & Leslie I.

(Family-Land connection for residence: refurbishing and existing design, large rural site, retiring couple, young grandchildren with frequent family and social gatherings, love plants, design and construction to be phased in and built by owners.  Amitola services: Design Construction Drawings, Project Assistance.

Human-Land connection for business: commercial Seed Plant for rare and special seed of naturally occurring species, easy maintenance, inviting outdoor staff and client spaces, rich in native species,  to be owner built.  Amitola services:  Detailed Construction Drawings, Project Assistance)

“We were initially apprehensive to begin design work on our new yard, but once we saw Anaya’s website and examples of her past work, we knew that she was the right person to help us design the outdoor spaces around our home. Although we have little to no experience with landscape design (or even gardening!), Anaya not only took the time to include us in every aspect of the design process, but also managed to pump up our enthusiasm level – now we can’t wait to start work on our yard!

Anaya was very thorough in making sure that the design is appropriate to our neighbourhood, our personal tastes, and the amount of time we are able to commit to maintaining the yard. We were looking for something to tie the classic architecture of our home into the more modern feel of the rest of the neighbourhood, and we have no doubt that Anaya’s design will accomplish just that. In addition, Anaya’s friendly demeanor and high level of expertise make her a joy to work with. We were especially thrilled when, a few weeks after our consultation, she called to say that she had come up with [an additional] idea for our yard – it was great to know that we were not “just another job” to be forgotten upon completion.

To say that Anaya exceeded our expectations would be a gross understatement. She has provided us with a design far more beautiful than we ever imagined. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a fabulous landscape design.”

Cristin & Mark M.

(Family-Land connection: new owner built home, blending architectures, young family, personalized outdoor spaces,  edible/ornamental landscape, organic, to be owner built.  Amitola services: Design consultation.)

Spiritual Community Project TestimonialsTestimonial just after project completion Parish of Christ Church Anglican
“We wanted to indicate how much we have enjoyed working with Anaya over the last couple of years on the church landscape project. The church members are extremely pleased with the end result of Anaya’s design and the way she made it happen. She listened to our ideas, compiled them, helped up focus on a plan then took the best of them and enhanced them with her own, ending in a result we can all be proud of. Her ideas were creative and thorough. Anaya is a joy to work with. She saved us time and money by coordinating the various trades. We would recommend Anaya to others.”Dan D., Chairman Construction Committee(Community-Land connection: inviting the surrounding community in, giving back, spaces for numerous community outdoor activities, formal and informal, enhancement of the architecture of the 100 year old heritage building, providing sanctuary within public spaces, bringing connection.  Amitola services: Organizing Planning and Process, Design Construction Drawings including carpentry, concrete and iron work,  Project Management: contractor built. On-going support)
Testimonial 5 years after construction Parish of Christ Church
“I would like to tell you about the churchyard and Memorial Garden at Christ Church, Edmonton. It was designed by Anaya Gene-Webb and is our pride and joy.The garden has some unique challenges. Firstly, it is a very large, public space. It was envisioned as a quiet, safe place for people in the inner city to use for refreshment and reflection. Secondly, part of it was to be dedicated as a “memorial space” and this portion becomes very special to families whose loved ones are remembered there. Anaya did a great job of addressing these needs.The grounds are very welcoming. There are lych-gates, benches and a fountain as well as a large Celtic Cross. The large area is subtly divided off into sections like smaller rooms that make you feel safe – almost like a warm hug as you sit in each space. Anaya has very cleverly used differences in textures and colors which make the garden beautiful in the spring, the summer, the fall and the winter.The volunteers who work in the garden are always exchanging stories of people who come to enjoy this sacred space. There was a young family with a toddler who could safely run on the grass while Mom and Dad spent time with the baby; a lady who comes every day to pray; people on their way to and from work; little girls in party dresses let loose after a wedding; brides, grooms, and families after weddings and funerals who can enjoy the enclosed space.My own family has found this to be just the right place to remember our dear husband/father who passed away a few years ago and we have been blessed to be able to gather in the same lovely space for two weddings at the Christ Church. We also enjoy the yard on a weekly basis as we come to worship.The church has also been awarded “Yards in Bloom” from the City of Edmonton.As time goes by, Anaya continues to give us advice about maintenance. I would happily recommend her to anyone who wants to create a beautiful garden space.”Doris B., Chairman, Gardening Committee(Community-Land connection. Amitola Services: community on-going support)

 Residential Design

“Dear Anaya, Our home and landscaping was a huge job, which took about four years from planning to completion. You were instrumental in taking our ideas from an early conceptual stage, through to scratchy notes, onto some rough outlines, and finally through to a wonderful completed design. We worked on a concept, starting with our vision, and taking advantage of your amazing creativity to help us reach another level. You were extremely easy to work with. Your patient listening skills and brilliant ideas helped us immensely. We successfully worked from a round budget of what we wanted to see on the finished project. You kept us within that budget, even in an economic environment that saw rapidly increasing costs. You also kept in mind the time period that we wanted everything completed by, and you helped us complete it all, on time and on budget.We are thrilled with the final results, and would definitely recommend Amitola Design Concepts to anyone who needs their landscaping redone, or anyone wishing to start a new landscaping project.Thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you.”Milly M.(Family-Land connection: designed before the house was built, privacy from public areas, backing onto a natural forest, children and numerous outdoor family activities. Amitola services: Design Construction Drawings, Project Assistance)
“Anaya is the only Designer that actually listened to our needs… Her realistic ideas and knowledge of different aspects of landscaping has helped us create a yard far beyond our expectations…one that has given us many hours of enjoyment.”Darlene & Glen M.(Design criteria: Residential, large rural site to be upgraded, teenage children and frequent family and social gatherings, construction to be phased in over several years. Amitola Services Provided: Design Construction Drawings, Project Management: contractor built)
“Dear Anaya, This short note is to let you know how pleased we have been with your design of our yard. You met all of our expectations and indeed, exceeded several of them. We were especially pleased that your obvious creative talents melded well with our own visions. It was a very satisfying adventure putting this project together under your expert guidance. Our garden now reflects exactly what we were looking for. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to perhaps seeing more of your work in the future.”Jim & Helen N.
“It was initially overwhelming since we started with a new lot… We trusted Anaya’s advice and appreciated her professional guidance for what resulted in a well planned yard we enjoy year-round.”Karen & Gerry K.
“We have followed Anaya’s plan almost to the letter. It is simply amazing how the yard looks… We have a yard that is fresh and crisp and is unique. We have a yard that looks terrific… and have been told how awesome it looks by people who walk past…”Claudette & Jim K.
“Hi Anaya, Elaine and I would both like to thank you so much for coming out and helping us with the landscape plan. We are so excited about how it will turn out. If you ever wanted to move to St. Albert we would love to have you for a neighbor.”Wayne & Elaine K.
“A lot of work had gone into the existing landscape (of our new home), but over the years it had become overgrown. It was time for a serious make over. We had many ideas… and with Anaya’s skill and landscaping expertise the transformation began. Anaya looked after every aspect in our project. We always felt we were working as a team. With Anaya’s work and commitment to our project we now have achieved our goal. It has been a wonderful experience working with her.” Jane D.
“Anaya’s expertise in designing our yard, assisting us in the management of it and overseeing the construction has been invaluable. It is an evolving masterpiece! Anaya has managed to do an excellent job of capturing our taste and incorporating our needs. Her ideas have been creative and innovative while remaining realistic. It has also been a great help when Anaya obtained items on our behalf and provided advice and guidance with regard to annual upkeep. The value of our investment has been exceptional… Working with her has been a pleasure… we would never hesitate to highly recommend her to others.”Nancy & Tim M.
“People tell us they walk through every day because they enjoy this space; how beautiful and peaceful it is, and how comfortable they feel here.”  Laura H.(Design criteria: Inviting the community in and giving back; developing a sacred space. Community Design Drawings, Project Management, contractor built).
“We used to find our yard a burden and never went out in it. Now we love it. We enjoy being in it and are out there all the time. It used to be that that when we turned the corner to drive toward our home we would feel so bad about how it looked, and now its wonderful.  It’s a joy to drive up to our home.”Annette & Omar K.(Residential, 2 – 2 hour consultations, owner built)
“People stop and tell us how much they enjoy walking past our yard. We were in the finals for front yards in bloom. This is my favorite part (the hidden garden).”  Yutta & Wayne G.(Residential Design Drawings, Project Management, contractor built)