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Anaya’s words on Outdoor Design

Earth’s heartbeat is full. Her resonance is in us. It is in
Everything we feel, everything we touch, everything we are.

There is a deep connection between Earth’s heartbeat and
Our own. We can reach it, touch it and be her heartbeat.
We can stand in it.
We want to regenerate Earth’s heartbeat, for it is our own.
As we release apathy and become caring,
Earth’s heartbeat becomes stronger, as does our own.

When we live in harmony with Earth’s heartbeat and awaken
Caring, our lives exist at a higher level.
New doors open.
Aliveness expands.

As we establish harmony on our peronsal Land, it becomes
Our cherished sanctuary that
Ripples peace through our lives.


Anaya’s Watercolor on Rice Paper

Outdoor Landscape Design for Businesses

First impressions count! Make your outdoor space an extension of your pride in your business. A well-designed commercial green-scape can enhance the appearance of your building year round. It can attract potential customers and improve morale and productivity of employees while simultaneously meeting municiple code.

Amitola Design Concepts can help you add pizzazz to your business and contribute to lowering its ecological footprint.

A few of our clients.

Anaya’s story on Business Design and Municipal green codes

“Several years ago I was engaged to design the frontage of a new business location. The manager liked greenery but was uncertain about the business expenditures municipal bylaws caused with enforced green codes.

I prepared the drawings and attached elevational sketches to show what the frontage would look like. The design met and did not exceed code, but focused on esthetics and specified plants that could survive, with a little help, the harsh conditions of the site. When the manager saw the final drawings, he abruptly stopped what he was doing. He looked at the drawings for a long time. His brow relaxed. He gently smiled and said, “It’s nice.”

To this day, he is very proud of the way the business looks and the way the investment has had positive effects on clients, staff morale, and on public relations and advertising.”

Green Businesses – Services and Prices

Scaled Construction Drawings that Meet Code

This service Requires three on-site meetings with decision makers.

  1. Preliminary meeting: Site Analysis and needs assessment so that the design can capture your needs and tastes
  2. Second meeting: Conceptual drawings are presented for review. This provides the opportunity to review and revise the design.
  3. Presentation meeting: Presentation of scaled, technical construction drawings and specification for the project.
  4. Co-ordinate with Municipality for permit approval

These Technical Construction Drawings are suitable for obtaining construction quotes and for design implementation. We also can be available during critical stages of construction and can provide maintenance information and guidelines.

Rates and terms

Average code drawings including meetings, site measuring, conceptual sketches and drawing studio time, and copying and co-ordination with Municipality for permit approval over an average of a 6 week period of time. Start-up payment is required with terms on balance of 30 days net, OAC.

Contact us for rates.

Project Management

We can work with you to find contractors, and coordinate implementation of our Design for your business.


Rates for project management are project pending.


* To all prices add GST. Travel expenses are added for locations outside of Edmonton proper.