About Amitola

More Than Site Planning
More Than Landscape Design

Words cannot capture the extent of passion and experience that Anaya brings to her work, to people and to their land. She has enjoyed decades developing and refining her skills.

When you work with Anaya you will benefit from her vast knowledge of site planning, design, construction and project management as well as her connection to the land. Anaya works with each client in unique and varied ways, bringing the knowledge and support needed by each perspective project and client. This may look different in every situation. She may show up in any or all of the following ways:

consultant – adviser – teacher – guide – site planner – designer – project manager – as a facilitator of transformation


All land is sacred; something that has been forgotten for many years. Today as we are awakening to this sacred truth, we remember our connection and that all life is our family. People are coming together from around the globe and returning to simpler, gentler, more natural and balanced ways of living on this Earth. Anaya GeneWebb helps people reconnect with their land. Her passion and deep love is working with lands and people, planning and designing outdoor spaces. These spaces honor, celebrate and reconnect the sacredness of all life. From a very young age Anaya understood the wonder and awe that is nature and the abundance that is created when all of life lives in harmony and balance.

Anaya believes humans respond in remarkable ways to a well-designed landscape. In big cities, parks reduce crime rate, or a high rise balcony can be a spiritual reprieve. A well designed landscape is a living quality that enlarges a sense freedom. It brings connection and pleasure. She believes professional, holistic designs engender harmony, comfort and well-being. Her work transforms people’s lives.

By planning living spaces, her landscapes allow natural beauty and sustainability to emerge. She believes designs should enhance buildings and merge the buildings with their surrounding spaces. Designs should foster personal experiences through sight, touch, fragrance, taste, and sound. Designs can be moved through, or relaxed in, or played in. As the landscape matures, the experience of the design intensifies and offers a deeper level of conscious connection. Her site planning and designs flow.

Anaya designs to effect people in positive and beneficial ways. Pleasant landscapes help soothe, heal, rejuvenate, connect, empower, and nourish. She plans improved self-reliance and lower ecological footprints. She understands the importance of biodiversity. Her designs hold the space for human reconnection to the land.

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