Landscaping Design Tips

Tip #1 – Start with a Plan

Every yard is different: the buildings, the site conditions, and the people that use the area. Planning is an important step in creating an outdoor space to use, view and enjoy.

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Tip #2 – Choosing Plant Material

Choose plant materials that help extend the growing season by providing early or late color.


Early Season Late Season


Tip #3 – Design Concepts

Landscape design connects people with the outdoor spaces that surround them.

Landscape design encompasses climate and site conditions, client tastes and the architectural features of buildings. A variety of techniques are used to develop landscapes that are pleasing, healthy, and beautiful.


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An empty space becomes a courtyard or a garden pathway. View from a kitchen window.
Difficult spaces become interesting Ball or an inflated paper bag in a tree will deter wasps from nesting in the area. Textural contrasts provide another dimension.
Childrens play spaces. Hidden playhouse for a children’s retreat.